Time to Rough Up Your Grass a Bit…


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I’ve been looking into lawn scarifiers a bit recently and in most cases to achieve a truly vibrant and healthy lawn, this looks like one of the vital process to commit to. Luckily it need only be performed once or twice a year, usually in the late spring or more traditionally the early autumn. It turns out that your lawn accumulates organic material – grass clippings, blow leaves etc – which is known as thatch.

Now a little bit (<1.5cm) of thatch is a good thing and leads to a more hard wearing lawn. However more than this and you can lead to all sorts of problems, including poor drainage when it is wet, moisture not getting to the grass roots when it is dry, it provides an ideal environment for fungal or other disease to take hold.

If you have a thatch problem then the solution is to scarify your lawn. Lawn scarifiers (or lawn rakers) are not expensive and are as easy to use as a lawn mower. They improve the drainage of your soil, removing much of this thatch layer, they prune the grass roots resulting in tillering (a thicker and healthier lawn!), provides compostable biproduct and renders fertilizers, top dressing and overseeding more effective.

Once the spring comes around my lawn is going to get it!

Push Power Mowing…


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I remember when i was a lad, my Grandad had an old push mower that looks like blooming hard work – I have to say that I haven’t thought any more about them since until i read an article recently which championed them and their renaissance. Now I’m all for environmentally sound practices but not if it results in a significantly inferior end result or too much back-breaking work. However after reading about the advantages of a push mower I’m thinking of giving one a try. I’ve only got a small lawn, so something light and maneuverable fits the bill perfectly. As does something which doesn’t eat up too much of my limited shed space! Plus there are no wires or cables to worry about, petrol canisters to store and therefore no running costs…. its getting into winter now but it might have to be one of my first cheeky purchases come spring!

Boom Boom


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Q: Why do potatoes make great dectectives?

A: Because they keep their eyes peeled!

Er… I’ll get my coat….

The Garden Gnome


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The Garden Gnome is an online potting shed for all those obsessed with the joy (and frustrations) of the gardening hobby.

Over the coming weeks, months and years I’ll be posting regular updates on successes and failures from my own garden as well as invaluable tit bits that i’ve found else where, product reviews and the odd bit of whimsy.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts on any of the posts here, want to add additional advice or experiences of your own, or suggest new topics.